The portfolio of Oskar Firek Architects is a collection of private and commercial investment projects. Each project stands out for its attention to detail and emphasis on highlighting the unique character of interiors through continuous reliance on passion, perfectionism, and integrity in the creative process. The designs of apartments, houses, or apartments correspond to the personalities of the owners, and the functional spaces are a practical extension of the brand’s concept.

The design studio was founded in 2012 by Oskar Firek, the son of artist-sculptors associated with the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. From a young age, the architect observed the creative process and immersed himself in art, which sparked his fascination with painting, sculpture, and ceramics. Deeply rooted aesthetics have a clear influence on the projects created by OF A, where a commitment to natural materials, clean forms, and functional spaces serves as the foundation of their work.

OF A primarily undertakes projects in Poland but also has experience working with international investments and their supervision. Due to their attention to detail and authenticity, their projects are aimed at the most demanding clients. Conscious of abandoning trends in favor of simplicity, harmony, and preserving personal character, they create timeless designs within interiors.

  • Team:
  • Oskar Firek
  • Agnieszka ChromiƄska
  • Wojciech Firek
  • Karina Dobrowolska
Oskar Firek Architects