Our offer is addressed both to individual and commercial customers. In residential spaces it is relevant for us to emphasize the unique character and personality of the owners. Therefore we make it our priority to establish a dialogue allowing us to know your needs and lifestyle. While designing commercial spaces such as restaurants, shops, showrooms, pubs and offices, we focus on functionality and visual representation of the brand image. Our individual approach to the projects guarantees a comprehensive collaboration adjusted to your demands and professional schedule.


We offer this service to companies engaged in the production or promotion of specific elements of interior design. We assist in the presentation of professionally arranged spaces designed to meet the needs of a product or material.


Investors or developers interested in diversifying their promotional materials and sales can benefit from these techniques. We create interior designs based on materials and information provided by the investor. The presentation of photorealistic 3D visualizations can successfully serve as marketing materials for promoting properties and investments.

We can also collaborate with you remotely. All the information can be exchanged online. The drawings we provide are highly detailed, allowing the contractors to perform construction without further architectural supervision.

O nas

Nasze projekty wyróżnia dbałość o detale,  minimalizm, funkcjonalizm oraz upodobanie do naturalnych materiałów. Wymagania inwestora z jednej strony, z drugiej nasza ambicja i wyobraźnia sprawiają, że projekty, które tworzymy są estetyczne i ponadczasowe.

  • Kraków / Warszawa
  • +48 698 911 282
  • Oslo
  • tel.: +47 477 82 504
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